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Internet Traffic Between On Site Exchange and Remote DC

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  • Internet Traffic Between On Site Exchange and Remote DC

    Hello Everyone. This is my first post here. I just want to say first that this site has been nothing but extremely helpful. I have a AD/Exchange question. I'm not new to Exchange or Active Directory but I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any stretch. I've had 2 DC's and an Exchange server on site for a few years now and everything runs well. We have a remote office and we decided to put a DC out there. I created the DC onsite and then shipped to the remote office. It's hooked up to the network there and replicates fine with the home office. I have not set up any of the PC's there to the domain so it's just there replicating changes. My boss monitors the internet usage/bandwidth for the workstations/servers in the office. He's noticed 2 separate times, a large spike in data being sent between the remote DC and the exchange server here. Around a 1 gig of data being sent back and forth. I understand things need to replicate but I'm unsure why there is so much data being sent back and forth. This is my first remote DC so I figured let me talk to the experts here and listen to what it could be. If you guys need any addition information please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    Is the data being transferred one wya, or is it bi-directional?
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      Are you 100% sure that its traffic between your DC and Exchange server?

      Shouldn't really be that much traffic between your DC and exchange. There isn't really much to replicate.

      What data is being sent?


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        I apologize for nothing responding sooner. I'm unsure what data is being sent but according to the internet usage log from the sonic wall, it states that there were over 2,000 connections between the two IP address's and 1.5 gigs was transferred. The initiator in the log is my exchange server and the responder IP in the log is my offsite DC.


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          Is there a scheduled task running that may be copying data to the DC?
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            Is your DC your WSUS server?


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              Nothing in AD replicates to or from an Exchange server, but an Exchange server needs to query AD for quite a bit of information. I suspect that's what you're seeing. Over what period of time did this data "transfer" occur?


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                Blood - There are no tasks beyond the normal ones in Task Manager. I did not set up any special tasks.
                willieb1 - No it is not a WSUS. I have a separate box on site that handles updates.
                joeqwerty - That is what I assumed was happening. It happened over a 15 minute period.