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  • Certificate template property


    I am studying the Certificates templates in Active Dicrectory.

    There is one feature within templates you can click on, called: "Publish certificate in Active Directory."

    What is it about?. The explanation provided by microsoft is not very helpful.

    What if I don't publish the certificate in Active Directory ? , Why would I publish it in Active Directory?

    Thanks in advance.
    Madrid (Spain).

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    Once again, we have to thank for an answer:

    I wouldn't worry about it.
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      Thanks RicklesP.

      Too complicated an answer for me at the moment (the thread you kindly provided). I did not understand much of it.

      Thanks just the same.
      Madrid (Spain).


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        I would like to add something:

        When one is not an expert (such is my case), sometimes one needs to move forward through baby steps, not through difficult explanations.

        To me, the one in technet, is difficult to grasp.

        Sometimes forums are to help non-expert people.
        Madrid (Spain).


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          Ditto about TechNet. I find it very cumbersome to read with each post seemingly copying all the previous replies. However, if you can wade through all that then you can often pick out the information that is required to resolve/answer your question. Are you using the Spanish TechNet Forums or the English ones Luis?
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            Thanks Biggles77.

            I use the English forums, been studying the language for 7 years now, that is not an issue for me (99% of the times).

            I think a forum should help to non-expert people too. I am not a begineer whatsoever, but far from being an expert yet. That is why I come often here, but that explanation in Technet, is difficult for me.
            Madrid (Spain).