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Editing the ADUC interface

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  • Editing the ADUC interface

    I am looking to add a column in addition to the ones that are already displayed for OUs (Name Type Description) in the Active Directory Users and Computers Snap In. I want to add a custom column that will show whether the user in the OU 'cant change their password'. I know in widows 2003 server there is an extraColumns attribute in ADSI - configuration-display specifiers-409-OUconfiguration, to customize your display. I think it is all or nothing though in the sense that if you use this setting every other option, when you go to edit the view in ADUC will no longer be there (it will use the settings from the extraColumns attribute) and from then on everything will have to be entered manually from ADSI. I was wondering if there is another way to add an additional column? I know windows 2000 server doesn't have the extraColumn attribute. Is there another attribute that will add a column to the ADUC interace when using ADSI - configuration-display specifiers-409-ouconfiguration.

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