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Problem extending classSchema in AD LDS

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  • Problem extending classSchema in AD LDS


    I'm trying to add the Organization classSchema as an objectClass to the top level domainDNS classSchema (which is dc=domain,dc=local.)
    Default objectClass on top level domainDNS are domain, domainDNS and top. I want to add organization.

    On the Organization classSchema, possSuperiors is set to domainDNS, also tried domain and container.

    Getting the following error:
    Operation failed. Error code: 0x20b4
    The specified class is not a subclass.

    000020B4: UpdErr: DSID-030F1563, problem 6002 (OBJ_CLASS_VIOLATION), data 0

    Tips appreciated

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    Does this help at all?? Hi,
    As "Alexei Segundo" mentioned, the base schema cannot be modified using the AdsiEdit tool.
    You may try to modify the property using the LDP tool:
    1. Launch LDP.exe and bind to the server you want to modify. Make sure you are schema admin, and admin over the partition you are modifying.
    2. After connecting and binding, select Browse then select the Modify.
    3. Leave the DN blank, type schemaUpgradeInProgress into the Attribute field and in the Values field type 1.
    4. Click Add and then Enter. This will add the command to the entry list.
    5. Click Run. If you are successful you should see a successful modify message.
    6. Select View then Tree. Connect to the appropriate base DN.
    7. Right-click the object as in the example below and select Modify:

      CN=Division,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=ADATUM,D C=COM
    8. Enter the desire value for the attribute. Values are case sensitive.
    9. Click Enter, then click Run to update the flag values.



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      Thanx for the tip, but it's not working sorry.