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FSMO roles within a server 2003 Functional level

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  • FSMO roles within a server 2003 Functional level

    I had a question during an interview and I am hoping someone can clear something up for me.

    It is my understanding that within a domain that is running server2003 function level, that the PDC and BDC no longer play a part because all DC's with in a server 2003 functional level are now primary domain controllers. I would like to know what happens to the fsmo roles since the the DC that has the operations master, schema master, Domain naming master decide who is the Primary domain controller?

    My understanding is those fsmo roles are no longer inportant because all DC's with in the domain are running independantly.

    Can someone tell me if I am correct or if I am wrong?

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    Re: FSMO roles within a server 2003 Functional level

    All DC's since 200 Server have been multi master and all, depending on how you configure them, can process logins and have writable copies of the AD database.

    From memory usually the first DC that is installed in a domain/forest holds all the roles unless you then move them off that server to others.

    What do you mean by running independantly?? Each DC is a member of the domain and replicates any changes to its repliacnt partners.

    The FSMO roles are vitally important in the domain.

    Read here for more info on the FSMO roles.


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      Re: FSMO roles within a server 2003 Functional level

      There is no Primary Domain Controller in a 2003 enviroment role, as was the case with NT4 - other than the FSMO role "PDC emulator" which is for backwards compatibility with NT clients. All DC's are peers. As the previous poster said the first DC installed in the domain will hold all FSMO roles (from a command prompt on DC: netdom query fsmo) until you add another DC and decide to move some or all of the roles. They are integral to a functioning AD domain/forest model.