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Disable PST admin template

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  • Disable PST admin template


    I added an admin template to disable pst to an existing GPO to get applied on all the workstations and Laptops OU. It is an admin template under User Configuration.
    Not sure why is it not working on the computer accounts under this OU.
    Please help!!

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    Re: Disable PST admin template

    Could the fact that it is a USER setting play a part?

    You will need to either
    a) Apply the GPO to the OU containing the users
    b) Apply Loopback processing
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      Re: Disable PST admin template

      Well on that same OU there are 2 GPOs. One which is priority "1" and has the loop back processing enabled.
      The other is this GPO (priority 2) where all policies have been applied through User Configuration. All of them work except this template. And the template is correct.

      When I try to run the group policy modelling result. It shows that this policy is disabled as the winning GPO is "Loopback processing GPO".

      All templates apply fine except this one. not sure what could be the reason as the winning gpo has nothing except loop back processing which is enabled on it.


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        Re: Disable PST admin template

        Switch your GPO precedence around so loopback is priority #2.


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          Re: Disable PST admin template

          Have started wondering if this template even works while applying through GPO.

          CLASS USER

          CATEGORY !!L_PSTSettings

          POLICY !!L_Preventusersfromaddingpsts
          KEYNAME "software\policies\microsoft\office\11.0\outlo ok"
          EXPLAIN !!L_PreventusersfromaddingpstsExplain

          PART !!L_empty78 DROPDOWNLIST

          VALUENAME "DisablePst"
          NAME !!L_Defaultpstscanbeadded VALUE NUMERIC 0 DEFAULT
          NAME !!L_Nopstscanbeadded VALUE NUMERIC 1
          NAME !!L_onlysharingexclusivepstscanbeadded VALUE NUMERIC 2
          END ITEMLIST
          END PART
          END POLICY
          End CATEGORY

          L_PSTSettings="PST Settings"
          L_Preventusersfromaddingpsts="Prevent users from adding PSTs to Outlook profiles and/or prevent using Sharing-Exclusive PSTs"
          L_empty78=" "
          L_PreventusersfromaddingpstsExplain="By default, users can add PSTs to their Outlook profiles and can use Sharing-Exclusive PSTs for storing SharePoint Lists and Internet Calendars. You can use this setting to limit users' ability to store mail in a decentralized fashion. You can block the use of PSTs completely, but be aware that blocking all PSTs disables Outlook features such as SharePoint Lists and Internet Calendar. \n \n If instead you allow only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs to be added to user profiles, PST usage is still limited but the Outlook features that rely on special PSTs are not disabled. The setting that allows Sharing-Exclusive PSTs to be added blocks users from creating new folders in the Sharing-Exclusive PST; copying existing mail folders from their default store to the PST; and copying individual mail items to the root of the PST."
          L_Defaultpstscanbeadded="(default) PSTs can be added"
          L_Nopstscanbeadded="No PSTs can be added"
          L_onlysharingexclusivepstscanbeadded="Only Sharing-Exclusive PSTs can be added"


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            Re: Disable PST admin template

            Where did you get the template from - is it a reputable source?
            Gareth Howells

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              Re: Disable PST admin template

              I directly added this admin template to gpedit.msc of a computer and checked and it works fine. But this is not working while adding to the settings in a GPO.

              This is a self created admin template and I took help from Office 14.0 admin templates a little.