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    Hi All

    I have a design question
    We have Forest A with 2 domains root and chil, Win2k8 R2, Exchange 2010, Lync 2010, Sharepoint, print servers, Users, computers, servers....
    Forest B with 2 domains too, Win2k8R2, print servers, Users, computers, servers...(No Exchange)
    The idea is to create a 3rd Forest that will host only users from both Forest A and Forest B, and let Forest A and Forest B act as Resources Forests.
    For Forest A with Exchange and Lync, we will use linked mailboxes.
    FIM 2010 will be used to synchronize all the forests.
    My questions are :
    did someone seen this design anywhere ?
    can you give me some feedback of experience ?
    Your opinion, remarks....

    Thank's in advance

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    That sounds like a nightmare to get working and to manage. Why do you want to do this?