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ADMT Migration Steps

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  • ADMT Migration Steps

    We're running an ongoing interforest migration from a 2003 forest to another 2003 forest. I have studied the MS ADMT guide for interforest migrations but it just seems a bit messy and I need some clarification on the process.

    Why does the ADMT guide specify to migrate global groups separate from domain local groups? Whats the problem migrating them all together? As out migration is taking place over a period of months, even years, we need to constantly remigrate groups as they are changing in the source domain. However, the ADMT guide only ever talks about remigrating Global Groups, not domain local. But as our IT admins in each site clean up the source domain group naming, this does include domain local groups as well. So far I've just been migrating them all in one go. Is there a problem with this?

    Can anyone clarify a defined process for group migration? The fact that domain local groups are used on resources like shares and printer permissions - would this have an effect on how they should be migrated?


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    Re: ADMT Migration Steps

    Hi ,

    exchange server 2003 to exchange server 2007 migartions differant forest.

    ex:- first domain Name:- ( Exchange server 2003 )installtions
    Second Domain Name:- DBC .com (Exchange Server 2007) Installtions
    please Suggest Me.


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      Re: ADMT Migration Steps

      the ADMT guide has a step=-by-step guide.
      IT says global before DLG for a reason - most likely the reason you suggested.
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