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Can not see locations

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  • Can not see locations

    I am running a 2003 domain with 1 domain controller. When I open a share and I want to change the permissions on one of the folders inside the share, I get the following message:
    "The program cannot open the required dialog box because no locations can be found. Close this message, and try again."
    When I click ok I get the following message:
    "Unable to display the user selected dialog. The parameter is incorect."
    I am logged in as a enterprise manager on a XP SP2 desktop. When I open the "Local Users and Groups" and I try to add a domain account to the local group, I can not display the domain location I can only see the local computer name. But I can add the domain user to a local group using Command Promt.

    Can someone please tell me what to do or what to read?


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    Re: Can not see locations

    try loging on as a domain admin, not enterprise admin, to the xp machine.
    domain admins by default are members of the local admin group on workstations. enterprise admins are not.

    try changing some tcp/ip setting while logged on as enterprise admin. it probably won't work, proving that you have limited rights on workstations.
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      Re: Can not see locations

      I changed my account to enterprise admin just yesterday and it didn't work with domain admins. I can change ip settings loged on as enterprise admin. What I don't undersatand is why I am able to do it from cmd?