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Please Help Me - Security is a very important question

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  • Please Help Me - Security is a very important question

    Hello please help urgently
    I'm sorry for poor English language - because I am from Iran
    My despite the fact that the check box for the user can not change password on a username in the optional Active Directory check it, but to be on their own for 10 minutes after the tick is removed and allows users anywhere with the User Log from the system to change the User password

    Why is this a bug or a worm at work?

    Please, I beg you help me

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    This is definitely NOT normal behaviour in AD - a "cannot change password" option should stick

    What domain and forest FL are you at?
    How many DCs do you have - and do they all show the same behaviour (thinking replication errors here..)
    Is this all accounts or only some - if some, do they have any particular properties e,g. group membership or OU (thinking Group Policy settings....)

    Do some full malware scans on your network
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      Do you have any scripts running that control user accounts - if so, disable them or check them thoroughly.
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        Thanks of "administrator" this forum because responses and thanks from the "blood"

        I loved all the users in the network of standard type are, for example, Active Directory user with the logon username and access for example "John' only to have the normal working of the network airs all servers now with a bitdefender bit console business is getting out of control but today I agree with Microsoft on some servers the MRT and the number of the client and not on the footy of 'conficker" and rejected domain "stuxnet" that after scanning by tool They are clean now microsoft MRT. But Primary Dc servers and domain secondary Dc

        To question my dear friend spiceworks "blood" instrument used for monitoring agent it on all servers and systems as well as install is it possible to be infected by that sucks?
        The discussion here is that every 5 minutes once thetick is removed, I fucking and I got loose, I have a codewith which every 1 minute once it is added again.
        My God help the Tera-300-I system is not always clear, and I did two nights is the normal mental
        Wow thank you