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Branch Office AD Deployment

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  • Branch Office AD Deployment

    Hi friends;

    I am planning to deploy a windows 2003 branch office AD deployment.

    The head office setup is already ready with two windows 2003 domain controllers. The AD Sites are not configured. The two domain controllers are still in the Default frst site container. with the default site link.

    The head office has various services like exchange 2007 setup, sharepoint, SQL Servers and ISA 2006.

    At the branch office we plan to deploy an additional domain controller. and want the user at that branch office to authenticate to that BRANCH domain controller Until failure to the branch office occurs.

    The head office users should always connect oor authenticate to the head office domain controllers.

    Can anyone explain to me the steps to be followed to deploy the addtioanl domain controller with respect to the AD Sites configuration, ..etc


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    Re: Branch Office AD Deployment

    At a very high level summary, you simply want to create a new site in the AD Sites and Services console. You will also need to create subnet objects and assign them to the correct site. Additionally, you will need to add the sites to the sitelink and configure the sitelink accordingly (replication, schedule, cost). Finally, you'll deploy the servers at the remote site and run DCPROMO. They will automatically be added to the correct site based on their IP informaiton. Of course, if your AD is large, replication may take some time so you may want to consider using backup media during the DCPROMO process. Petri has an article that covers this step. Search on the Petri website for "Install DC from Media in Windows Server 2003"

    In any case, I would recommend that you take a look at Microsoft's Branch Office Deployment Guide. Search for "Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Branch Office Guide"
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