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ADMT Duplicate users issue

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  • ADMT Duplicate users issue

    Hi there,

    I am about to do a Windows 2003 -> Windows 2003 cross forest AD migration but I am having difficulty getting my head around a concept.

    All users have AD Accounts in both Domains but the Source usernames & target usernames are different.

    The source users already use the Exchange server in Target Domain. Exchange does not exist in source.

    The source domain has 60 servers & 600 users.

    I would like to use ADMT to migrate the servers, worksations, permissions etc etc to the new domain but am confused how this will work as I need to map the source user to the (already existing) target user.

    The source usernames and target usernames do not lend themselves to being programatically matched - ie source username: "HSRAB" needs to map to target username: "Joe.Bloggs" -

    If I can get the accounts mapped together then I am confident that I can use ADMT for everything else.

    Does anyone have any ideas?