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  • Ldifde Problems

    I have exported a number of users from my companies production domain and I need to import them into a testing domain for development purposes.

    when I try to do this using the ldifde -i -f c:\test.ldf -s testing command I receive the error message "A referral was returned from the server" and then the command fails.

    I believe this is down to fact that the testing domain has a different name, so I have modified the details in the test file to the below.

    DN: CN=test account,OU=staff,OU=Users,DC=Testdomain,DC=Com

    Any idea where I am going wrong?, I have googled the problem but cannot seem to find the answer to my problem.

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    Re: Ldifde Problems

    You'd be better running ldifde with -c switch, which will replace old DNs with new DNs.

    ldifde -i -f c:\test.ldf -s testing -c "dc=production,dc=com" "DC=testdomain,DC=com"
    Guy Teverovsky
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      Re: Ldifde Problems

      Try to reduce the numbers of attributes to an absolute minimum, but no less. I think you need at least samname and useraccountcontrol