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Can't access grouppolicy

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  • Can't access grouppolicy

    When i try to edit the grouppolicy of a win 2000 domain, i receive the message " You perhaps not enough rights"

    Details " The system couldn't find the path !!!!"

    This happend on a workstation also on a domainserver, with the same account
    Who can help me to resolve this problem !



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    Re: Can't access grouppolicy

    Is this server the only DC or is this a secondary DC? Check the event logs of the DC under the File Replication Service... Look for any errors regarding problems replicating your AD.

    If this is a secondary DC, you can change the domain controller you are using in the GPMC by right clicking your domain name and choosing "Change domain controller". Select another dc and then see if you can edit the policy. If you can, then chances are that the dc you were on is having problems replicating AD and has an old copy, or your AD may be inaccessible because it is old.

    If this server is the PDC emulator or the only dc, post more specifics about your network (Server OS, first occurance of problem, clients... yada yada yada)


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      Re: Can't access grouppolicy

      Hi emjtech,

      I have tried your solution, bu it do'nt work. So Here a little explain from the situation.

      in ours site we have 3 DC w2K ( server 1,2,3) and one BDC (nt4).
      Because server 1 was a old machine with alot of problems, we decided to change his rule. (Rid + FSMO+PDC emulator). after then we depromoot the machine.

      Server 2 became the RID master and the rest.
      After change the RID master and FSMO from server 1 to server 2, we saw that there where problems with the acces rights.

      Maybe i forget samething in the action ??????




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        Re: Can't access grouppolicy

        If you have a Win2k Active Directory, why are you still hanging on to the NT4 server?

        Let me see if I understand you:

        You had 3 DCs. Now you have 2 DC's after you transferred the FSMO roles to server 2 and demoted server 1? Have you checked for replication errors between server 2 and server 3? Also, go thru the Application & System logs to check for any other warnings/errors that might be causing this...

        It seems to me that you have done the hard part of upgrading or recreating your domain from NT4 to Win2k, but you haven't finished it off by upgrading your last NT4 machine...

        To answer your permissions question: If you click on the delegation tab in the GPMC for the GP you're trying to edit, check to see if domain/enterprise admins and system have edit, delete, modiy security settings permissions. Also check to make sure the user you are logged in as when running GPMC is part of the domain/enterprise admin group.


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          Re: Can't access grouppolicy

          Also... check the [drive letter]:\Windows(or WINNT if upgraded)\SYSVOL\sysvol directory permissions. If you don't have rights to it, or the system doesn't have rights, that could cause problems...