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    I have a Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory and have created and linked a GPO to redirect the My Documents folder to a network share and to synchronize the folder on logon/logoff. The redirection works like a charm, but the synchronization still doesn't work... The permissions on the policy are for Authenticated Users. I have applied this policy to both the user's OU and the user's computer's OU.

    I also applied this policy to the OU for myself and it works just perfectly. Mine and my associates machines were the test subjects for this policy and it worked perfectly. But when applied to users OU, it doesn't work worth a darn.
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    Re: My Docs

    If it works for you and your co-admins, but for nobody else, it is probably a permission issue on the share you redirect to. Also, it will take an additional logoff/logon cycle be before it works.

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      Re: My Docs


      I have found that the policy does work for some users... so I'm cautious to say it is a permissions issue. While I don't rule it out, it appears to be different as the permissions for the policy are for Authenticated Users and some users are able to apply the policy and it appears some are not. I have logged the users off and on several times, I've even disjoined and then rejoined the domain and run gpupdate/gpresult several times and while the policy is applied, the settings haven't changed.

      Can you be more specific as to which permissions may be needed?