I am tasked with migrating a Source 2008 to a Target 2008 forest.

I have setup secondary DNS zones on DNS servers in each forest and all records are loaded, WINS replication is active between the servers in the two forest, I can resolve names all day long. NETLOGON/RPC services are running in both environment, Windows Firewall is disabled, no external Firewall between systems but I can't seem to establish the trust relationship. At one point I did but when I attempted to add the target migration account to the source Domain Admin group I could see the domain when selecting locations but it would not pull the object. Interestingly, the issue was not happening when I would pull objects from the source domain

from the DC in the target.

Now nothing is working at all and I have been troubleshooting for many hours.

ERRORS when attempting to complete the 2-Way Trust from Source/Target


1. There are no Logon Servers to service your request
2. The attempt to read the names claimed by the specified domain has failed.

Initiating from TARGET DC:

1. The New Trust cannot continue because the specified domain could not be contacted. Either the domain does not exist, or network problems are preventing connection

Please help as I have an immediate deadline to perform this migration

I will post DCDIAG Output on next thread.

Please give a second eye if anything discovered