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2 GPO's for users

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  • 2 GPO's for users


    I created 2 gpo's (1- Default domain, 2- for Treminal servers).
    I want that when the user is login from the local PC in the organization he will recive the Default GPO and when he login from home to the terminal server he will recive the "Terminal Server" GPO (that more restictive).

    in life, what happens is that he recives the default domain GPO in both case.

    how to do that ?

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    Re: 2 GPO's for users

    Method 2 is what you are looking for:;en-us;260370
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: 2 GPO's for users


      but i have a new problam.
      now the users that log in with TS are reciving Computer Configuration from one GPO and User configuration from second GPO.
      How i can force the user that log in to get only one GPO (restrictive one).

      I'll explain. for example: i wnat the user that log in with TS will not see "My network places" icon or will not be able to go to control panel.
      and this settings are defined in "User configuration" in the GPO.

      I hope i make myself clear.