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  • child DC

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    DC : m1.worx.local m2.worx.local
    child : dev.worx.local
    DC :

    above is our domain hierarchy.

    child DC "" is seldom use and was shutdown. now were getting lot of system errors on m1.worx.local and m2.worx.local ie "This computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller in domain DEV" and Directory service error ie "The local domain controller has not received replication information from a number of domain controllers within the
    configured latency interval".

    I only inherited this and I have no idea why child DC is created. also has notes server for dev testing.

    I need to eliminate the errors and the options that I'm thinking:
    - remove child DC using dcpromo. however when DC is demoted, it also removes the domain users. I need to retain the domain users for if in case if its needed to bring back online for testing.
    - remove trusts on Active directory domains and trusts. I do not know but the option to remove the trusts is grayed out
    - remove DOM on Active Directory Sites and Services though I m not sure if this is the correct way.

    My knowledge on AD administration is limited and I need help on how to go about this.


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    Re: child DC

    ok let's look at it this way.

    You've shutdown the DC in the DEV domain, so the other servers are complaining.
    You tried to DCpromo it. Because IT's the last DC in that DEV subdomain, it tried to remove the domain, which you don't want to do because you may want the users.

    you can't remove the trust because it's inherited by being a child.

    The only thing you can do, is leave the DC running permanently, or completely remove the domain, including the loss of users.

    HOWEVER - you could do a full backup of the DEV domain, so you could do an authoritative restore if you needed to use the domain again in future..
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      Re: child DC

      thank you tehcamel. it is very useful. I guess, I will make it online. Too much work demoting the DC and restoring it.