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Active Directory Upgrade and DC Migration

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  • Active Directory Upgrade and DC Migration

    Hello All!

    I'm in the beginning process of planning our migration from AD 2000 Mixed mode to something better and have a few questions related to that.

    1. When I run NetDiag I noticed that an older DC is showing up that doesn't happen to exist anymore. I remember the box dying several years ago and being moved out of production however I didn't remember it being a DC of some sort. When I check the Domain Controllers container I see the computer account however I know for a fact that it's been laid to rest. Would it hurt anything to pull it out of the DC container? Their are 2 other DC's with one having the FSMO roll's associated so I'm thinking that shouldn't be a problem.

    2. My 2 current Domain Controllers are running Windows Server 2003 SP2 along with running our primary and secondary DNS services. As I mentioned we are currently running AD in 2000 mixed mode, I was thinking to move us to Server 2003 but was curious if I should look at going to 2008? I could build up another 2 servers on 2008 for it without a problem, what are the "gotchas" I might face doing that? We're currently running Exchange 2003 SP2 if that makes a difference.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated!


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    Re: Active Directory Upgrade and DC Migration

    For the items:

    Item 1: You need to remove the old dc (died) using ntdsutil.
    > ntdsutil "meta clean" "s o t" conn "con to server <DomainControllerName>" q q
    metadata cleanup: "s o t" "list domains"
    Found 4 domain(s)
    0 - DC=adatum,DC=com
    1 - DC=amer,DC=adatum,DC=com
    2 - DC=emea,DC=adatum,DC=com3 - DC=apac,DC=adatum,DC=com
    select operation target: sel domain 2
    No current site
    Domain - DC=emea,DC=adatum,DC=com
    No current server
    No current Naming Context
    select operation target: q
    metadata cleanup: remove sel domain

    Item 2:
    • Raise Domain Functional Level at least windows 2000 native mode.
    • Use addprep commands to prepare the domain for windows 2008 AD transition the promote member server (windows 200 as additional domain controller then transfer FSMO Roles on new DC win2k8.
    Heres the usefull link on how to transition AD from 2003 to 2008


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      Re: Active Directory Upgrade and DC Migration

      Thanks for the help Toyto,
      Oddly enough I found this article after I posted:

      It follows the steps you provided although not as succinctly as yours. I ran through the process and when I get to the step that lists the servers I don't see the dead domain controller. We do have several sites and just to be safe I went through each site and listed the servers there but only one site has DC's (my location) and the mystery server wasn't listed in any of them. Not sure what that means.

      I think I may look at doing an in-place upgrade on those servers to 2008 as opposed to a transfer. They also function as our DNS servers and I'd rather not have to touch everything in the network to adjust the DNS settings.