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    hi all,

    i read the following at Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 with SP1:Tony Redmond’s Guide to Successful Implementation book page 54

    The Active Directory maintains two internal GUIDs for each controller, one for the server itself and one for the database. The server GUID remains constant, even if the server name changes. The Active Directory allocates a unique Server GUID to each domain controller and uses it to reference and identify specific controllers during replication operations. The Active Directory also creates a GUID to identify the copy of a database on a domain controller and sets it to be the same value as the Server GUID. If you ever need to restore a database from a backup, the Active Directory alters the database GUID to inform other domain controllers that you have restored the database, which may therefore be in an inconsistent state and need to generate some backfi ll requests to recover some updates that occurred after the backup was taken.

    As i know that GUID= machine SID (generated during windows installation) + Domain ID

    my Q is
    Which GIUD will change when i change DC name?
    Which GIUD will change when i change SID of DC?

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    Re: Server GUID

    no answer


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      Re: Server GUID

      There will be answers IF someone can give a meaningful response
      Remember this board is free and help comes when someone with the right skills has the free time to answer.

      I suggest you have already answered question one in your text above
      "The server GUID remains constant, even if the server name changes"

      Also, keep in mind that SIDs should not change unless you sysprep a computer -- not recommended on a DC
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        Re: Server GUID

        Originally posted by abdalla View Post
        As i know that GUID= machine SID (generated during windows installation) + Domain ID
        That is not correct. Domain SIDs consists of a domain ID (the same for all SIDs created in a domain), and a relative ID (RID).
        A GUID does not consists a domain ID. A GUID is assigned at object creation in AD and is guaranteed to be unique within a forest.
        The GUID of an object never changes.

        A 'Server GUID' is a reference point used in the Active Directory and DNS to locate a Domain Controller primarily for the purposes of replication. When a DC is demoted it will no longer keep its Server GUID.

        During a DC restoration process from a backup, the restored database copy (old copy) will be assigned a new 'database GUID'. This is to make the server appear as a different server so that transactions that originated there get replicated back (Normally AD transactions are not replicated back to the originating server).


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