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AD/Exchange 2003 Migration to a new Server

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  • AD/Exchange 2003 Migration to a new Server

    Hi All,
    I have a client whose hardware needs to be changed and migrate to a new server.

    Here is the current scenario:
    Active Directory/Exchange 2003 on the same server running Windows 2003 standard edition.

    Proposed Scenario
    Migrate Active Directory to a new server (separate server)
    Upgrade Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 (separate server)

    All this using the same name and same domain, since we do not want to rejoin all users to the domain.

    This is my first time of performing this migration, I wanted to P2V the Server and perform the migration on a private network but the client said no.

    If the AD/Exchange were on separate servers it would have been easier for me.

    Please any assistance/links etc. will be very helpful.

    Thank you
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    Re: AD/Exchange 2003 Migration to a new Server

    So what exactly are you wanting?
    The process is straightforward:
    Build 2 new servers and add to domain
    Promote one to a DC and transfer FSMOs (and make it a GC)
    Install E2K7 on the other and move mailboxes, public folders, connectors etc
    (Dont forget to change the router to send incoming mail to the new servers IP)
    Uninstall Exchange and unPromo the old server
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      Re: AD/Exchange 2003 Migration to a new Server


      It's quite easy. You simply need to create two member servers. Join them to domain.
      Now first you add additional domain controller running dcpromo, make sure you install DNS because you can have additional domain controller without dns too.
      Make it a GC
      force replication using replmon , you need to download support tools for that
      use repadmin to check if the naming context has been syncronized.. actually you don't need it because it's a simple setup but for your satisfaction you can use it.

      Now as far as exchange concerned
      run /prepareschema, /preparead, /prepareexchangelegacypermissions, /preparealldomain

      you can simply run the setup and all these commands would be executed in the background.

      You need to raise functional level of your exchange org to native mode
      on the new member server so that computer object can be granted permission over exchange org.
      select cas, hub and mailbox, management tools,

      in between make sure to select exchange 2003 as your bridgehead server for routing of emails bw org.

      Once installation finishes you can follow this article.

      It describes practically all the steps that you need to perform.

      Some of the steps may not be valid in your case. Please ignore them
      How to remove first exchange server from exchange organization

      Hope this will help you
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      Thanks & Regards

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