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  • AD LDS query

    Hi all,
    If I want to implement AD LDS for a single application, does it require Physical hardware or it can be installed/enabled on web server or application server. As usually the web and app servers are placed in DMZ if the above option is not feasible can we put standalone AD LDS server n DMZ.

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    Re: AD LDS query

    LDS is just a role so doesnt require separate hardware
    No particular reason you cannot put it on one of your DMZ servers, although for security probably better NOT to be the public facing web server
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      Re: AD LDS query

      Thanks for the reply.
      Can we use AD LDS for authentication of external clients.
      what I am trying to look here is:
      I am having a web application which would be accessed by external users only, now for these users i am trying to save the user profiles in LDS and as well for authentication. so when ever any user logs in, the web server sends the authentication request to LDS and if it is authenticated by LDS server, the user is allowed further.
      Now, can LDS also provide Role based access, i have heard aboyt AzMan. can i use AzMan along with LDS to Provide Authentication as well as role based access.
      Looking for an early reply.