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roaming profiles vs folder redirection

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  • roaming profiles vs folder redirection

    well i have hunted round on the net for pros and cons. Alot have used both, but i sorta wanna stay away from roaming profiles and just have rediection for app data, my documents and desktop.
    Can favorites be redirected? for non IE browser's

    anyway just want some feedback as i know alot a people are against RP, and whether folder redirection would be the better choice, this is serving around 600 users, who dont move bewteen workstations, apart from the occasional 5-10 users.

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    Re: roaming profiles vs folder redirection

    Folder redirections can supply you a good solution. Itís recommended
    To create a pilot group and to check the folder redirections in practice.
    I dont thinking the folder redirect can support third party browsers, but
    you can create custom ADM file and apply it to the GPO with the company
    new settings.


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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: roaming profiles vs folder redirection

      Would using folder redirection slow down response time by the server since the profile won't be local? I guess that all depends on the link between the file server and the login server...

      Our system was setup prior to my employment and we use both folder redirection and roaming profiles... As far as I can tell however, the folder redirection is failing and the roaming profiles are randomly corrupted... Could the folder redirection becausing the corruption?


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        Re: roaming profiles vs folder redirection

        I think the whole concept of roaming profiles and folder redirection is certainly more susceptible to corruption vs local everyting. However, the benefit is having these user files backed up on regular basis. This would prove difficult if these files were store locally. Granted, we can all setup shares and hope our users will have discipline and the training to use them. But this is not always the case. Remember the last time you had to explain to a VP that you cannot recover six years of customer contacts, reports, word documents and stored favorites of customer contacts and websites? But I digress...

        "Can favorites be redirected": My first guess would be yes. If favorites are stored in a folder, then it can be redirected or stored in a profile.

        Question for you: Is this browser capable of configuration of the favorites folder? If so, set it to the appropriate path and watch it sync to the server.