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LDAP queries to Active Directory from another computer within same domain.

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  • LDAP queries to Active Directory from another computer within same domain.


    I am very new to LDAP and Active Directory and all these things, so I am hoping that there is a very simple solution[/URL] to my problem.

    This is my scenario:
    I have one server[/URL] running Exchange 2007 and Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 (referred to as Exchange Server in the following text).
    My other server is running Windows Server[/URL] 2003 (referred to as Windows Server in the following text).
    They are both in the same domain.

    This is what I am trying to do:
    I installed theGoogle Calendar Connectors[/URL] on my Windows[/URL] Server. These connectors make LDAP requests to the Active Directory on my Exchange server. However, for some reason this doesn't work.
    I know that the Connectors are configured correctly, because I have set them up in the same way locally on the Exchange Server, and all the LDAP requests work there as expected.
    Now my question is, whether I have to configure Active Directory in a way that it accepts LDAP requests from another computer from within the same domain.

    I would really appreciate some help, as I have spent some days on this already and I just cannot seem to get to an answer.

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