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swtiching BDC to be PDC

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  • swtiching BDC to be PDC

    hi there,

    have a 2k DC with is the PDC and have a 2003 secoundary controller as a BDC
    Am wanting to make the 2003 srv the mani auth DC ,
    whats the best way about going about this ?

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    Re: swtiching BDC to be PDC
    Have a look at the links on the last post on the above thread.
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      Re: swtiching BDC to be PDC

      isn't that mainly for upgrading ?
      I just want to swtich roles, so the wni2003 secoundary controller takes over the main authentication and the 2000 DC changes to the backup (secondary) controller

      possible ?


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        Re: swtiching BDC to be PDC

        The concept of PDC's and BDC's died with NT4. The 2000 server and the 2003 server will both become Domain Controllers and will both have a read/write copy of the active directory database.

        Windows 2000/2003 has FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operation) which each server will have some of them.

        More inf


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          Re: swtiching BDC to be PDC

          great help there, thanks heaps

          So i now i have learnt up about changing over FSMO roles

          When doing this, is it really as easy as just changing it over, or are there things to watch out for before doing it?

          Does it effect roaming profiles or anything like that in the way of profiles, login scripts etc?

          Thanks !!!


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            Re: swtiching BDC to be PDC

            The only FSMO role that might have a direct impact on the clients is PDC Emulator and only on the legacy clients (NT, 9x).
            If all your clients are W2K and up, then moving the FSMOs around is perfectly fine.
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              Re: swtiching BDC to be PDC

              great, everyone here is 2k and above
              thanks for the heads up!!