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  • Linking DC from another site...

    Hiya fellow AD fans

    I have an issue with the way I've had to configure my AD sites and services recently. After introducing Exchange 2007 I had to move all server with an Exchange server into a single AD site. I did this for OWA session proxying, to allow users to log on to any Exchange server and the passwords to be sent seemlessly. It's the only way I could do it as Microsoft don't actually support it.
    I know this is far from ideal but it was a major thing for my boss to get it working in this manner. To be honest I don't mind so much apart from the couple of sites we have where they only had one server (local DC) and I've now had to move it into a new 'Exchange' site I created, meaning the client machines in these AD sites are connecting to DCs offshore, as you would expect.

    So, what I'd like to be able to do is say for clients in site 'A' subnet to use server 'A' in site 'B'. And to make matters worse I'd like to do this without statically assigning any details as some of these machines will be roaming.

    Phew, if that made sense that I shall tip my hat to you.

    I have spent a few hours searching for details on this and read a few MS KB articles, which are all very logical but don't seem to help in this (quite strange) scenario.

    Any pointers shall be gratefully received, and comments on my stupidity taken in my stride

    Good eggs.


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    Re: Linking DC from another site...

    Hi mate

    You basically want to instruct your DC in site B to register DNS service records for site A.

    Look here -

    It doesn't mention it in the article but I'd also set the 'Sites covered by the GC Locator DNS SRV Records' setting so clients in site A use the DC in site B as a global catalog.

    Unless you're okay with filtering GPOs then you may be better achieving this via a registry change on the DC in site B, as described here:

    Hope this helps

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      Re: Linking DC from another site...

      Thanks for the link - great help .

      So I created a new GPO and set the security filtering so it only applies to the one server. This server will still inherit the other GPO on the OU, won't it?

      I also changed the registry setting.

      I'm still unsure how this setting actually works. I thought to configure something like this I should be telling the clients where to look, not the server which site it covers. How do the clients 'know' that the server 'B' is now the DC they should contact when the GPO I made is assiigned to the server?

      I also have another site with a couple of computers which I want to use a DC on the HO site, but I'd rather not restrict which sites these servers 'serv' so should I add all sites into the GPO for this server?

      Thanks again for the response.


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        Re: Linking DC from another site...

        If you've created the registry key then delete the GPO as you don't need it.

        Setting the registry key will inform the DC to register SRV records for the additional site, but it will still register for it's own site also.