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Global User A/c for Technical Support

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  • Global User A/c for Technical Support

    Hi all,
    I need to create a User Account for Technical / Desktop Support so that the said user can login to any hots in the domain and can do the followings:
    1. Can Install / Uninstall Software & Drivers
    2. Can configure the TCP/IP

    But can not do the followings:
    1. Can not Change Administrator Password
    2. Can not reset Domain Users Password

    I have tried adding different groups but its not working.
    Please help me out, the strength of my setup is:
    1 DC, 1 ADC, 1 ISA, 1 DB, 1 Backup Server (all are running on Win Server 2003 Enterprise) and 87 Windows XP Hosts

    Please help me out, waiting for your replies.
    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Global User A/c for Technical Support

    Hi Ksid,

    This can be achieve by following.

    To install and uninstall software. Just create a regular domain user and make it a member of restricted group. Under Restricted group you define that this user would be local admin of workstation

    To change TCP / IP settings
    make that user member of Network Configuration Operator.

    and my friend you are done

    PS: may require some troubleshooting sorry couldn't test as i have no access to lab
    Thanks & Regards

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      Re: Global User A/c for Technical Support

      Have you tried Power Users group?