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    Hi all, this is my first post so go easy on me ok!!

    My problem is that i have been studying AD now and following the books, but need some help. A guy at work told me i should set up a domain and get it to run to do things i want it to do, instead of following the books. Now i am new to this, but it has got me thinking. Has anyone got any cool ideas on setting up a new domain with servers and workstations and ideas on what i can add and make my own. Thanks

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    Re: Domain Ideas

    Seeing this is your first post I will go easy on you, and instead of telling you to RTFM, I will gently send you back to your books for some additional reading. AD is indeed "cool", but "doing cool things" with it will probably leave you without a job, unless you're really into it, which apparently you're not (judging by your question).

    So don't take it easy. Read the stuff, build your own lab, wreck it, re-build it, and after the 100th time or so, you'll begin to dig under the hood. Only then you'll be able to do those "cool things" with it.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Domain Ideas

      One additional suggestion (besides RTFM is to go out and buy VMWARE Workstation. This allows you to run (virtual) domain controllers and workstations on you own desktop, provided you have lots of memory and disk space. That's how I practiced for my MCSE.


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        Re: Domain Ideas

        Buy a book, buy vmware and fix break until you can fix break no more.

        Read as many articles as you can and you'll soon pick it up