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Removal of a child domain gone very wrong

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  • Removal of a child domain gone very wrong

    Iya guys

    Need some help.

    i have a site which has an AD with 4DCs all working fine. The company has just opened another small depot and i wanted to extend the AD over VPN to this depot so if i made any changes on the head office AD it would replicate down to the depot.

    i got the new depot server install 2003 and all drivers ect. installed a DHCP server and also a DNS server with the forwarder pointing to the headoffices DNS server.

    i then run dcpromo to get the server as an additional DC. Unfortanly i selected child domain (why i dont know had been having a bad day) and didnt think untill i had finished that i had created a whole new sub domain which is what i didnt want.

    i then run DCpromo again to try and remove the domain to which it failed and i got errors saying something alogn the lines of cannot connec to the other DCs at the head office because of a DNS problem (though i could ping the computer names fine).

    stupidly then in a rush to try and solve the problem as i was reaching my deadline i used the evil /forceremoval. which did work.

    BUT of course all the other 4 DCs still think the domain is still present.

    I whent into the other DCs and removed any trade i could find of the added DC server and then run DCpromo again on the depot server and added it corrected as an additioanl DC which is all working fine and dandy.

    my problem is that now im gettin event log errors and the worst problem the child domain is still showing in the logonto box.

    can any one help me out ?