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AD Customization, and permissions.

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  • AD Customization, and permissions.


    Im wondering if there is any way to really customize AD, to make custom fields that can be viewed in the GAL. My company uses, satellite phones, bag phones, cell phones, office phones...etc... and we wanted to make custom fields that portrayed that.

    The main reason is we are implementing blackberry's and they wont wirelessly sync the Exchange Public Folders, so we need to put them into the GAL, which it will sync wirelessly.

    Also we wanted to make it so certain fields could only be seen by certain groups, and or users. Like if we were to insert Social Insurance Numbers, and home phone numbers and addresses etc....just for more of a security or payroll sort of idea. As well anyone right now can find everyones home phone numbers, and addresses, so if we had a stalker of some sorts, they have access to all that data on our public folders.

    Any Ideas, or am I not making any sense?


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    Re: AD Customization, and permissions.

    There few option to allow GAL control permissions:

    How to Manage Address Lists When You Host Virtual Organizations

    Also, Active Directory is LDAP tool so if you know how to work with LDAP you can "play" with it.
    Your company can decide to extend the Active Directory with the company properties or
    To the custom fields under each user with mailbox Active Directory users and computers ->
    Exchange Advanced -> Custom Attributes


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