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Software Install right for the Standard Users

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  • Software Install right for the Standard Users

    What will be best approach to give the right to install/uninstall software in an AD 2003 and XP environment?
    I know one of the options is to add users into Loal administrator group but this will give too much control, which I don’t want

    You can publish software via GPO but It will be lot of work every time new version comes up.

    Adding Domain users in the Power user is an option but not every software is allowed to install under Power User umbrella. Some software needs Administration right. So this is not a good option as well.
    Can you do it with Delegation permission? I am not very clear on this Delegation option but If you can delegate a group just to install/uninstall software this will be not a bad option. If it is possible, please let me know how to do this.
    How about Windows7 and Windows 2008 environment? Can you controll Software installion right better? AppsLock is require lot of work, it think. Is there any easy option, like creating a network location and placing approved software in that location. Any user than will be able to install that software from that Network location?
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