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DFS Problem

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  • DFS Problem

    I'm really in a jam here. I was working with a DFS root yesterday, adding it to another server, had issues but nothing major, so I removed what I had done.

    Come in this morning to the DFS root more or less totally gone.

    So now in the GUI I'm getting 'Delegation information for the namespace cannot be queried. The system cannot find the file specified'.

    Ideally I just want to start over and re-add the namespace but on attempts I'm told it already exists. Digging through the registry of the namespace servers this root does not exist, same goes for adsiedit. I can't figure out where to remove old entries of this so I can re-add it. Any ideas?
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    RE: UPDATED - DFS across 2 sites permissions

    Seems like my deletion of the namespace is taking hold. Hours later and I was able to re-create it etc. So on to the next issue...

    I have 1 domain with 2 sites (Servers in Canada and Australia). I have a namespace created on a Canadian server, then I add the Australian server as a namespace server for this namespace. Users in OZ are given a permission error when trying the namespace. Is this a sites issue?


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      Re: DFS Problem

      Anybody have a suggestion on DFS Permission errors across 2 sites? This is one domain, with DFS set to Read for Everyone. Really can't figure out how permission is being denied.


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        Re: DFS Problem

        In case it can clue in someone else...

        Turns out this was due to the DFS folders pointing to the machines with simple names, and not complete domain names. Duh of course, makes sense the other site cannot access.

        So my issue was DFS shares were pointing to \\machine\share instead of \\\share. Knew it was something stupid!