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    hey all,

    sorry to blast you with these questions
    but when adding a backup domain, secoundary controller, are you meant to setup a DNS aswell, i actually thought a secounday role would pull all that across, but realise you gotta set it up.

    Whats the best way to go about it? Am after if the PDC fails, this one will simply take over


    2000 server with AD,DNS, FS as PDC
    2003 server with AD, FS as backup ( secoundary controller)

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    Hi Maxwell

    It is considered good policy to have multiple DNS servers in Active Directory. They are AD integrated and do not work as Primary/Secondary.

    Also, the domain controllers are just domain controller and do not work in a PDC/BDC capacity. The exception is that one DC holds the FSMO roles.

    When you promote a machine, you do not have to make it a DNS server. However, you really should have at least one DNS server per site and you really should have a minimum of two DNS servers per domain. So in your case, with the two servers that you have, they should both be DNS servers as well as DCs.

    Mr Caps


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      Re: secondary controller

      Active Directory is in its simplest form a database, a directory of attributes that users/computers have(Along with alot more).

      When you have one DC you have one single point of failure as there is only one read/write copy of the database. Installing another DC will give you two read/write copies of the same database that gets replicated between the two servers.

      The stumbling block for NT4 admins is that each DC is a master of the database whereas in NT4 there was only one writable copy of the database, which was stored on your PDC, all other BDC's were read only copies.

      It is a very good policy to have at least 2 DC's running so that you have a fully working backup of your AD database.

      I've probably explained this in a crap way but i hope it helps you