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  • Valid computers not on AD list

    I had major problems with AD, when the old Win 2003 Ent primary drive failed.
    This was cured by installing Win 2008 Ent R2 and activating AD plus DNS etc. Active Directory is native Windows 2008 Enterprise R2 based.

    Problems arose with networking under R2, and after a technical session with Microsoft, the major problems were corrected.

    Now then: the techie's comments, and research throughout the Web, has shown that for computers that were on the network (and known in the 2003 AD before, but ARE NOT NOW SHOWN in Computers under AD) they must leave the domain and rejoin.

    This is the problem that I have: one machine was never a part of a workgroup when Win Ult 7 was installed. Therefore, one cannot join a workgroup because one has no password. On one other computer, that meant a total reinstallation of the OS and the programmes, a real pain. Luckily, I used a different hard drive and was able to reinstall data and other stuff from the old C: drive.

    There is one XP Pro box, that will not allow itself to leave the domain. When trying to leave and join a workgroup that option will not appear at all in the system settings.

    Therefore, does anyone know of a method to force a join to a domain when, under AD, the computers are not present?

    Note: currently, they can join the domain's network, by logging on, and can use the network to find objects (files, folders, etc). The searching from computers that are included in the Computers list takes time, but does succeed.

    It has not been possible for me to discover a solution so far. Any help would be appreciated.