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Migration without using ADMT - Questions

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  • Migration without using ADMT - Questions

    We want to Migrate from a Win2k Domain to a Win2k3 Domain.
    The Domains are with different names, and (naturally) different IP Addresses.
    My Questions are:

    1. Is it Possible to Export Users and Groups from the Active Directory into text files and import them back into a clean domain? If there is such a tool, please let me know.

    2. Which Third-Party Migration Tools are available? I know at least of one - Fastlane Migrator from Quest Software. Has anyone had any experience with it, or with any other such tool?

    3. Preservation of existing Permissions, and moving them to the new domain. How is it done? Is there a tool that can give a full picture of the permissions status on an existing domain?

    4. Copying, or Translating Existing End-users Profiles from one domain to another - while preserving all the characteristics of the original profiles. Is there a way to accomplish it using scripts, or a group policy? We would like to avoid needing to do it station by station..
    The users have got outlook settings, network resources, network drives and persmissions, and existing desktop and software settings we would like to keep as intact as possible. If anyone can offer Assistance, it would be great!

    Thanks everyone!