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  • Organizational-Role advice

    Hi everyone,

    I am a Java programmer not a directory administrator so forgive me for being somewhat uneducated in this area.

    We are interested in utilizing more of our AD schema by introducing classes like Organizational-Role to our in house and commercial systems. I have found some references to this class in commercial/open source systems such as Joomla/exo portal that require an Organizational-Role for authorization as an administrator.

    We have the idea of using the Organizational-Role class to populate our Active Directory with positional roles(like IT Manager, HR Manager, Programmer)to be used for structured work flows.

    We would like to then write a custom Java application to populate these Organizational-Roles with roleOccupants from our user tree. We have a service user that we would most likely use for this.

    Has anyone ever used this class? Is this what is is intended for and are there any drawbacks to adopting such a model?

    Would it be possible to restrict which users had the ability to create/update the Organizational-Role class? If so how would that be best done. Our IT department inform me that this is not easily achieved??

    any thoughts would be most appreciated