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2 Domain Migration

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  • 2 Domain Migration


    I have two domains AD 2003 not linked in anyway. I want to goto a single AD environment. Whats the best path to go

    1) create a brand new AD domain, trust both existing domains to it and migrate


    2) pick a domain out of the two lets say domain 2, install a new DC for domain 2 at domain 1, set up trusts and migrate?

    whats best and leat disruptive.


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    Re: 2 Domain Migration

    This depends on your requirement.
    1. If you want to keep any of the domain name, than migrate the other domain to the one, you are keeping.
    2. Else, you can create another domain, and than migrate both the existing domain to the new one. This way you'll going though the migration process twice.

    First option is better, if you can keep the domain name for any of the existing domain.

    Use ADMT for Migration of Users/Computer. Also go through the Domainmig.chm file that you'll find in ADMT install folder.
    To download ADMT:

    On this page, you'll get some other useful links, which might be of your interest.

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