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AD Authentication Problem

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  • AD Authentication Problem

    Good morning,
    I have a problem of authentication of AD that is weird. I work in a company with 2 branches in each branch I have a network
    and these two networks are connected via VPN. My AD is WS2003, I have 2 sites configured with 3 servers where in site 1 (main) I have 2 DCs and
    the other site (branch) I have 1 DC. All DCs are configured to be Global Catalog and replication between the sites is set to
    be made via this link (VPN Site to Site or OpenVPN, it is turned on 100% of the time). All replication options are configured
    correctly, the site link, subnets for the two sites and servers. My problem is this: When the VPN connection drops, then
    my clients (computers) Site Branch stop access local network resources, for example, a file server that is in the branch.
    I wonder if anyone has any idea of why these access are being validated in the DC matrix, as I have a local DC in the branch
    configured correctly and making replication nicely. I've done a test on the branch using the command "echo% LOGONSERVER% and found that the
    clients (computers) affiliate authenticate the local DC at the time of logon, why then when the VPN drops they lose access to resources
    of the local network?

    Sorry for the bad english. I hope someone can help me now thank you!

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    Re: AD Authentication Problem

    Where are DNS servers located? What DNS servers do the client machines in the branch office point to?


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      Re: AD Authentication Problem


      Try by configuring the Bridge head server.