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AD, Trusts and Network Browsing

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  • AD, Trusts and Network Browsing


    We have three AD servers in three different locations. All on different IPs and Subnets. I've managed to setup a Trust between all three servers so that they are able to access and share resources.

    However, I have been asked why it isn't possible to browse these servers and their resources via the Network shortcut on client machines. I have found out (as I initially thought) that this is something unrelated to trusts but I ended up asking myself the same thing.

    I am able to browse the other networks by using IP address in the address bar.

    What do I need to do to allow browsing of servers and resources via the Network shortcut?

    We're using Windows 2003 on two of the servers and Windows 2008 on the other and our clients are a mix of XP, Vista and 7.

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    Re: AD, Trusts and Network Browsing

    Unfortunately it's not going to work without a lot of setup. You would need to set up a central WINS server, configure the clients and servers in each of the three domains to register with the central WINS server, allow WINS traffic through the firewalls, allow network browsing traffic through the firewalls, etc.