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PDC Replacement

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  • PDC Replacement

    Standalone network - no Internet
    Server replacement - getting 2 new servers and getting rid of 1 old (DC) server.
    This is a single domain - heavily used by 35 clients.
    Note: some clients are static - but most are DHCP
    Services needed to xfr: AD, DNS, DHCP, POP3

    Wanting to go from: 1 PDC (Server1) S2K3 --TO--> 1 PDC(Server2) S2K3 and 1 BDC(Server1) S2K3

    I really want Server2 to be the new PDC and Server1 as the BDC because I need
    the new Server1 to mainly function as a file server and licensing server and BDC.
    I also need to xfr DHCP and POP3 services.

    From an IT admin perspective what would be the easiest or recommended way to handle this
    server migration?

    Should I install AD / DNS on Server2 (as a BDC) - then xfr FSMO roles to Server2 from old
    Server1 PDC?

    My main concern is if I need to re-configure the DNS or gateway IPs for clients
    once I have xferred FSMO roles.

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    Re: PDC Replacement

    The best way to transfer everything from old server to the new server is:
    1. Promote both the 2K3 servers as Domain Controller.
    2. Transfer the FSMO Roles to the new Domain Controllers.
    3. Transfer the other Roles, DNS (If AD integrated) will be automatically replicated to new Servers.
    4. Configure the New Server with the DHCP Scope and make it available for clients.
    Note: You can restore the DHCP by taking a backup of the old server to new server, us the following link:
    5. Transfer the required settings for POP3.

    Feel free to reply back if you have any queries.

    Pledge Technologies.
    Best Regards,
    Pledge Technologies


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      Re: PDC Replacement

      You also need to get around the terminology of PDC/BDC - Active Directory, in 2003 and 2008 at least, is a multi-master technology, and is different from an NT4 PDC/BDC.

      With the PDC/BDC - only one master could write, and a BDC was effectively a readonly backup.

      With multi-master AD, all domain controllers are masters an can update the directory. There are some specific roles, which you and Pledgetechnologies already referred to -these are FSMO or Flexible Single Master Operations.
      There are 5 FSMO roles - 3 that exist per domain, and 2 per forest.
      So in your single forest/single domain, you'd have 5 roles, and may as well have them all provided by the same server.

      Is your current server SBS by any chance ?

      In your scenario, I'd closely follow what PledgeTechnologies suggested - promote the new domain controllers, transfer (not seize!) the fsmo roles.
      Install DHCP and do a backup/restore so you can continue to use the same scope.
      demote te existing server
      migrate the remaining applications like your mail system.
      Also - if you have 35 users - consider as an additional project, moving to exchange.. I found pop3 a nightmare to manage for 10 users.. I know of a company that uses pop3 for 150 users.. how do you archive and store that information ?

      what happens to a user who has downloaded all their pop3 mails onto a pst file on their local computer, and the harddrive burns out ?
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        Re: PDC Replacement

        If you have 35 users, consider SBS plus an additional server -- benefits of Exchange, easy management and cheaper than separate products
        Tom Jones
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        Ossian Ltd

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          Re: PDC Replacement

          I appreciate everyone's input on this .
          I am in testing phase - and have not actually performed these steps in production yet.

          In my test environment I followed the steps that were provided by PledgeTechnologies and transferred everything over Ok for AD, DNS, POP3 and DHCP and I used ntdsutil to cleanup metadata.

          The primary issue I am having is when the test DC boots-up it is taking forever to get past the
          "configuring network connections" message before the logon prompt appears.

          I have run dcdiag, dcdiag /fix and netdiag. dcdiag indicates an error for the systemlog test.

          Any ideas on the latency issue for the logon prompt to appear?



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            Re: PDC Replacement

            it's looking for the rest of the network to validate itself perhaps ?

            what is the configured dns server on your new domain controller ?
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