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What do i need to watch for in adding a secoundary dC in W2K

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  • What do i need to watch for in adding a secoundary dC in W2K

    have done many times in 2003, but on 2k never.
    Also are there any major problems with replication etc , waht do i need to look for, or customize?

    I have read through

    just wanted to hear from ppl here ,


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    Do you like to add Win 2000 DC to Win 2003 DC's ? What is the forest/domain mode? (There may times that you cant add Win 2000 DC to Win 2003 Forest/Domain)

    Also, please note that old version DC like 2000 doesnt support new option like RPC over HTTP so you may need to configure the Exchange to use new DC+GC.
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      well currently there is just one 2k server with AD, as i am new here, they have no one who works with windows, so said can you add a backup domain.

      I havent done this in 2k before, but in 2k3 many times.
      just a single domain, no forest or anything.
      I am going to be migtrating to 2003 but not till the end of a large project.

      we dont use exchange, everything else is linux based solutions, but have have window users, and this is all the domain is for.

      or, could i just install a 2003 server and add that as a secondary controller?


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        have completed this by adding a 2003 secondary domain to the 2k one, all has replicated well.