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W2k3 operations master PROBLEM

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  • W2k3 operations master PROBLEM

    I have to debug a win 2003 standard server running Active Directory (win 2000 native mode). This is the only DC in the network at this time. If I go to Active Directory domains and trust tool, right click and choose OperationsMaster it says ERROR,the current operations master is offline, the role cannot be transffered.

    (I think there was another DC in the network and this win2k3 was added later but the original server is no longer there at all)

    At this point there is no operations master. Is it pssible to make this server to be the Operatins master?

    I need to do this because I need to add another domain controller in the network and I need to raise the domain functional level to 2003 and I can't because of the above issue.
    I need help.

    Thank you,

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    Re: W2k3 operations master PROBLEM

    it sounds like you need to seize the fsmo roles. This kb article should cover everything for you:


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      Re: W2k3 operations master PROBLEM

      yes, done already, tks