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Active Directory Folder Redirect lost

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  • Active Directory Folder Redirect lost

    I have in the AD for the Users' My Documents to redirect to a share on the server. They have been working and work in the other offices. But sometimes one or a few will loss that connection and it repoints back to the C:\document and settings\%username%\my documents. We cannot get it to point back. We remove them from that policy and wait and then add back, still will not add. I ran a GPRESULT /U /V to see what was going and it is showing that policy being applied.

    The user received "Folder Redirection" settings from these GPOs:

    Revision Number: 72
    Unique Name: {A9E155A1-3D75-4379-A1C4-A9B19486DEBE}
    Domain Name:
    Linked to: Organizational Unit (OU=Jacksonville,DC=rwhitehead,DC=com)

    My Documents is redirected to \\jaxfp01\homedirs\%username%.
    My Pictures is redirected to \\jaxfp01\homedirs\%username%\My Pictures.

    What can be happening? Everything else is working....


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    To add more information:
    Users have permissions on their folders, the SYSTEM has full control here in the share. When I look at the properties of the My Documents and check the target, it points to the C:\documents and settings, and there are no buttons to change the target. I have run secedit /refreshpolicy on the computers that will not change the local setting to the servershare for My Documents. If I remove them from the policy, then the buttons will come up where I can manually change the folder. But I would like for the policy to kick it in.

    Permissions on the shared folder \\server\homedirs
    Everyone - Full control
    SYSTEM - Full control

    I am lost.



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      No one has any clue about this??????


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        Have you tried to set the home drive properties in the account properties for each affected user and see if that works???

        Have you checked for GPO conflicts??

        When you lose a connection do the users logoff as this should restore GPO's when logging back on??

        Another point. Why do they lose connection?? are they using a VPN to connect to a server from another site?? Is this site a permanent site?? It may be worthwhile adding another server as a GC on your new site??

        I am only presuming these so if you could supply us with more info about your setup.


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          Re: Active Directory Folder Redirect lost

          Hmmm... new forum setup did not post my response.....

          This is all on a win2000 env. I have run the tests in previous post. It shows that it is getting the policy setting. I set some debugging registry settings for FDEPLOY and passed it over to the Microsoft Partner Site. There is some error it is posting. I am just curious on what is preventing it. There has to be a file or a registry setting that is not doing something correctly.

          If I take them all out of the policy setting (in AD), it will allow me to manually change the target. But AD should be forcing it.... darnit, I paid for that feature!!!!!