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Windows 2008 SP2 32-bit to Windows 2008 R2 64-bit Upgrade

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  • Windows 2008 SP2 32-bit to Windows 2008 R2 64-bit Upgrade

    Hello everyone... Apologies if any of this is redundant.

    I am in the process of planning an upgrade for my domain controllers to W2K8 R2 from 2008 SP2 and want to rehash this in my head.

    I have two domain controllers in my environment.

    DC01 holds all 5 FSMO roles, plus DHCP/DNS and is also being used as a file server.

    DC02 is a backup DC and is also a DNS server. It holds NO FSMO roles.

    I have built a copy of my environment in virtual machines to test the process
    with since I know I cannot upgrade in-place across architectures.

    It's easy enough to get through upgrading the backup DC. Here are the steps
    I performed.

    1. Run adprep32 /forestprep and adprep32 /domainprep on DC01 using the R2 DVD.

    2. Demote DC02, reboot DC02, and delete it from the domain.

    3. Reinstall DC02 with 2008 R2 and promote it to a DC. Everything seems
    to be fine and I have DC02 working well. No errors occur when doing AD diagnostics.

    4. Transfer all 5 FSMO roles over to DC02... This went without a problem.
    That's what I have so far... Where I am running to issues is with the DHCP
    role on the old server. I want to make sure I don't lose any information in the move.

    In addition to DHCP, I have about 30 shares that are used for home folders/mapped drives.

    I'm fairly certain I can just backup my users home folders, as well as my shared drives that I have on DC01 and just restore them after I upgrade to R2.

    I attempted following the Microsoft Technet documentation on migrating DHCP using Windows Server Migration Tools/PowerShell, but this seemed to result in a fairly unstable and overly complicated process.

    Apologies for the lengthy explanation of something that shouldn't be too complicated to actually accomplish...

    Any thoughts or suggestions for getting that primary DC traded out would be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 2008 SP2 32-bit to Windows 2008 R2 64-bit Upgrade

    I would do the following :

    1. create a full backup of DC01
    2. demote DC2
    3. remove DC2 from domain
    4. reinstall DC2 with W2k8 R2
    5. run the domainprep and forest prep commands on DC2
    6. run dcpromo on DC2
    7. move all FSMo roles to DC2
    8. install DHCP on DC2 (or migrate settings from dc1)
    9. test & test & test login procedures and replication (DNS & SAM database)
    10. if possible you could robocopy all data from DC1 to DC2
    11. Demote DC1
    12. remove DC1 from domain
    13. reinstall DC1 with W2K8 R2
    14. run dcpromo
    15. you could migrate DHCP again.
    16. you could migrate the Data again from backup or robocopy
    17. move fsmo roles from DC2 to DC1

    just my 2 cents