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Problem restoring domain member from image

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  • Problem restoring domain member from image


    I have a strange problem trying to restore a member server backup image.

    We are running a pre-production domain environment, and before installing a risky software package, we took an image of our web server with imagex. We did not drop the server off the domain to take the image because that can cause problems of its own. The install broke the server a couple of days later, and we restored the image back onto the server.

    The first problem was that the server could not contact the domain at all. I logged in as local admin, and found that McAfee HIPS had somehow corrupted one of the NIC drivers. HIPS was uninstalled, the NIC driver was reinstalled, and settings were reconfigured. I rebooted the server, and still wasn't able to log into the domain, this time I received the message: "The username or password is incorrect". I reset the computer account in AD and waited overnight but this message remains.

    Then I tried rejoining the server to the domain, deleting the computer account, and rejoining. Now I can log in as domain users, but there still seem to be issues. Our website uses Azman and windows authentication, and this is now failing where it was working before when the image was taken.

    I can't understand what could be causing these issues, as I was expecting the image to simply restore without issues given there are no duplicate SIDs involved. Anyone have any ideas?