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AD in Mixed Mode DCPROMO question

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  • AD in Mixed Mode DCPROMO question


    I have the following setup that I would like to see if others may have had experience with. Sorry long post...

    I have started working in a new setting that is currently configured as a Mixed Mode (Windows 2003 Interm) setup.

    The Primary DC is a Windows 2003 Server (SP2, not R2).
    The are NT4 boxes that are still running and so the mixed mode has to stay.
    The 2 other DC are Windows 2003 Server for DNS (SP2, not R2)- These are also VMs)
    Single forest /single domain, so a rather straight forward setup.

    I need to replace the existing Primary DC as this was to be a temp solutoin and is running on an older hardware that in real need to be upgraded.

    I am having no luck hunting down the Volume Licenses media for a clean install of the Windows 2003 Std. Server that would makes this process easier.

    What I have for questions are as follows:
    I do have the Windows 2003 R2 Std Server Volume licensed and media.
    (Q1. Is loading only the first CD of this Media set equal to the NON-R2 version of Windows 2003 Std.)?
    I ask that to see if I would not have to run the ADPREP tools to extend the schema of the environment.

    (Q2. If the Media set and server are not the same, [I would have to resume with the complete install of the R2 licenses and media using both discs for the completed R2 installation], has anyone that has had this setup, (the Windows 2003 interm, NT4 boxes), is there any issues in running the ADPREP.exe tool to prepare the AD for the new R2 Domain controller?

    I am just a bit nervous running this tool in the current setup (knowing that it would have to be run on the old/current Primary Controller).


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    Re: AD in Mixed Mode DCPROMO question

    The answer to Q1 is YES.....
    You could copy a DC's Virtual machine to your vmware workstation and recreate the setup in a test environment. But why are you still running NT4 BDC's ?



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      Re: AD in Mixed Mode DCPROMO question

      mixed mode is only required if you have nt4 domain controllers if i understand correctly...

      you should not need to run adprep, howver it won't hurt to do so really.. won't matter at all.. all it does is add more things to the schema.. shouldn't bother nt4 at all, it just won't be looking for those configurations..
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