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Seize Domain naming master and publish server to be a GC

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  • Seize Domain naming master and publish server to be a GC

    Hi , can anyone help me with this?
    I had 3 domain controlers:
    - Dc1 and dc2 for
    - Dc3 for (child domain)
    The server wich had all 5 FSMO roles, was GC and had the only dns server in domain died
    The domain controller for was off for 3 years and now itís useless
    Iíve managed to seize all FSMO roles on dc2(server 2000 sp4) except the domain naming master. I also set dc2 to be a gc but I am in doubt if it published itself.
    What I found interesting is that I managed to seize Domain naming master to dc3(server 2003 sp1) for (child) (I guess because it had the right records in dns) but I cannot transfer to dc2 (from dc2 perspective on domain naming master it displays error but from dc3 perspective it shows itself)
    Is there any way to seize or transfer the domain naming master to dc 2 make it a gc and demote dc3 for it to be promoted again, this time in the same domain (I canít demote dc3 and I didnít tried to use /force).
    Sorry for the brief description but I will provide any data and more details if needed.