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RPC errors driving me crazy

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  • RPC errors driving me crazy

    I've spent a good part of this AM trying to get a one way trust running between two forests, ...I can create the trust at the trusting dc, but when i try to setup trusting domains at the other dc I get "the rpc server is unavailable" (no errors in the errorlog on this dns server).

    ...i will be indebted to any of you gurus that can help me on this one, as i'm not a dns expert (if this is indeed the problem).

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    Having run netdiag it would appear that the dns setup on the trusting dc ( might be the culprit, ...see attached log.

    ...any ideas on how to set this up?


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      An RPC error in this circumstance is almost always a DNS error. So I agree with your analysis here.

      You know, there are a million ways to setup DNS. From you info I cannot be sure what is wrong, but this definitely looks suspicious:
      IP Address . . . . . . . . : 
      Subnet Mask. . . . . . . . : 
      Default Gateway. . . . . . : 
      Primary WINS Server. . . . : 
      Dns Servers. . . . . . . . : 
      Normally, a DC should run DNS, and should point to itself for DNS. Especially on W2003, which I think you are running. Those other DNS servers apparently are not aware of this server. I would start debugging here.


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        Thanks for your help! ...yes changing the primary dns to the dc address fixed the rpc problem.