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pls help: email address not being auto generated

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  • pls help: email address not being auto generated

    We are running Exchange 2003 (E2K3) Enterprise Edition on a Windows
    2003 Server (W2K3) with Active Directory (AD) 2003 in native mode.
    Exchange Server is a Domain Controller (DC).

    When we add a new user using AD Users and Computers, we specify to
    create the Exchange mailbox, provide the necessary parameters, and
    complete the process; however the user's email address does not get
    auto generated no matter how long we wait.

    The Recipient Update service is set to always run.

    The temporary workaround that we've found to get the email address
    created is to restart the System Attendant service.

    No Event Logs are generated for this issue.

    This problem has been happening on and off for the past year or so and
    that's before and after SP1.

    Any input/help would be greatly appreciated. =)



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    ok, this is driving me batty

    Okay, an event log finally decided to appear:

    Product: Exchange
    ID: 8331
    Source: MSExchangeAL
    Version: 6.5.6940.0
    Component: Microsoft Exchange Recipient Update Service
    Message: The service threw an unexpected exception which was caught at f:\titanium\dsa\src\lra\abv_dg\lservagent.cpp(4511 )

    The above log had a link that took me to the following page which advises that my system would not be running SP1:

    We checked the version via properties on eseutil.exe and we were shocked to find that the system did not think it had SP1 on it.

    We have applied SP1 to this box at least twice before. We'll be downloading and installing it, yet again. :*(

    Does anyone know what could be happening to cause the crazy issue above?

    Thank you!



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      I think I had that once before. Did you try to rebuild the RUS?

      Re-applying the SP is not going to help, you know. The bad old days of NT4 are over!


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        It could be that the RUS is dependant on a DLL that was once used by your AV or other software (like a fax server or similar). Note that it points to one found in the path of your AV software installation folder.

        Carefully read

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services