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AD Security hole?

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  • AD Security hole?

    Ok I just noticed an issue that I would like others to test to see if this is normal or just in my environment. We have a few users that can only log onto a single computer. This is setup on there AD User account. When they are required to change there passwords they can log onto ANY system. Here is the test..
    1. Create a test user
    2. set their account to log onto a single computer
    3. set there password to be changed on next logon.
    4. Try to logon to a computer they do not have access to
    5. It will promt to change and log them into the computer

    I am running Server 2003 fully updated with 2003 Domain/Forest Level. Please update your status thanks.

    Nevermind looks like it had something to do with Replication Latency. They users are no longer able to log onto a computer they do not have access to even if changing password. Odd that it worked for a few users, only thought was Latency or maybe a cache logon issue.
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